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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Amanda Powell

Apparently my blog about Amanda Powell didn't show up. So i'll do it again, in a briefer form.

I was pleasatly surprised by how intersting I found Amanda's lecture. She made a subject which can be technical and confusing sound exciting.

I'm not net savvy - the most I attempt is checking my e-mails, internet banking and buying bags on E-bay. Amanda described her job and her day-to-day work. Obviously she is under a lot of pressure to make sure the BBC website is up to date. Her lecture made me realise how inportant the BBC website is - I take for granted the fact that it is my homepage on my laptop and I look at it ALL the time.

I was a little shocked when Amanda told us that none of her online staff ever work through the night - I find this unusual in the Journalism World. Saying that, it's pretty rare that Wales generates a World-stopping news story at 1am.

Amanda is lucky with her staff numbers - the volume of employees ensures that that the job is done with accuracy and speed without compromising on facts.

The internet is becoming part of everyday life - something I wouldn't have though possible ten years ago. The BBC website is a quick, easy way to access news (and more) at the push of a button. The layout of the webpage is simple and clear - so even for non-technical folk like myself, it's relatively straightforward. Mind you, I thought that about creating a blog- until my first Amanda Powell post dissappeared.


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